Vidmate Apps download Install Free Latest New Version 2019. Choosing vidmate app free download install will enable you to download or access videos, songs, movies and other entertainment mediums. Latest new version Vidmate app downloads online very easy. Download Vidmate App 2019 Now! - Vidmate app 2019 is the perfect way to watch videos. Most folks like to watch HD videos, movies, and television series. However, it is quite difficult to watch them offline. Hence, Vidmate is here to rescue you. It is one of the most efficient applications at Android, iOS as well as desktop levels to download videos from any website. Vidmate app free download enables you to access songs, movies and other videos from numerous platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vine, Sound Cloud, Tumblr, etc. You can easily install Vidmate app and it is very easy to use with an interactive interface. The app is totally reliable and you will be able to download media from all websites into your phone directly. The best part about the Vidmate new version is that you can download videos in complete prime quality. You can directly get the updated version for free by downloading the APK file.

Apart from downloading videos, Vidmate apps download install also lets you stream videos online at quicker speeds. You will be able to use the app at anytime, anyplace and download from all websites. You can find videos of many totally different languages to watch as well as download. The app uses an advanced technology that makes the best use of your internet speed. The Vidmate apps download install enables you to watch and download videos in various formats. The first launch of Vidmate app was in 2011 and since then, many users have merrily downloaded high definition videos for free with no trouble. Using Vidmate app free install, you can download the latest movies and videos that you find online from all over the world. You can download all forms of multimedia entertainment using the Vidmate new version. You can directly download the APK file and install it on your phone for both Android as well as iOS. You will be able to flick through numerous songs, movies, TV shows, and videos to look at or download the ones you need. The app is a perfect way to watch your favorite videos on any device for free. The app is consistent and highly reliable for entertainment in all languages. Irrespective of your OS, you can use this app easily and for free. The app has its own video player using which you can easily access, start, pause and stop video streaming. Although the application is not available on Google Play Store, you can directly download the APK file and install into your phone. The app will help you access the latest songs, videos, TV shows, movies, and live TV on your smartphone.

How to download and Install Vidmate app?

  • 1. Download the Vidmate.apk from our website
  • 2. Install App. If your device show “Installation blocked”,then allow installation from unknown 3rd party sources in device settings.
  • 3. Launch the app and search the video you want to share or browse any website.
  • 4. Download movies and enjoy.
  • 5. In the settings tab, you can choose the various sites you to show up on the interface which opens when app is launched.

How to view video downloading status?

To view the video downloading status, you can see it on the notification bar. Scroll it down and see there. If you want, you can tap the video to open it in the app. If you have download running, you can see downloading videos on right top. Tap on the icon and see the downloading videos. If you want to delete any video, tick the video and then tap on delete.

Vidmate app features

The best platform for the best experience

The Vidmate new version is quick, easy, reliable and user-friendly. Vidmate apps download install is easiest through the APK file available. After Vidmate install, you can make use of the following amazing features of the app.

  • 1. Use at any time, anywhere on any device
  • 2. Unlimited download
  • 3. Unique download manager
  • 4. Personalized movie and video finder
  • 5. Interactive and user-friendly interface
  • 6. Vidmate app download is entirely free and easy
  • 7. The app supports 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi
  • 8. Manually set quality for download
  • 9. Directly view the downloading status
  • 10.Multiple channels in live TV
  • 11.Multitask by downloading as many videos as you want
  • 12.view the same content on as many devices as you want

Install Vidmate app to get full access to songs, videos, movies and much more in different languages from platforms all over the world. To save data, you can set the quality preferences for download as well as stream. You can directly watch online or download the videos to watch them offline at any time.

Vidmate movie downloader:

Vidmate app free download to access movie of different languages

After Vidmate apps download install, streaming and downloading movies is just one step away. The app provides a complete entertainment in all forms, including songs, movies, TV shows and random videos. You can access all these media in high quality. Simply download the APK file and install Vidmate app for free. You can browse through tons of options and chose the best one as per your preference. Vidmate app 2019 is completely easy to use and hence, Vidmate install is surely a great pick for all movie fans.

Vidmate for Android

The Vidmate app download install is available for Android devices via APK file new version 2018-2019. The vidmate app helps us to download videos fast and in great Quality. We need to download the APK file first and change settings to confirm that the app is downloaded properly. This app contains the good interface, and best features, its unique and user-friendly interface lets users search and navigate media easily and within no time. We need to make some temporary changes so that we can download the Vidmate application from an unknown source. Download this app and you can download different videos in different formats.

Vidmate app for Android was launched in 2011 and since then over 500+ million users download this app. Vidmate app for Android is a famous app to download latest movies and videos online in India and other counties like Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many more. Vidmate app is millions of people’s choice from which we can download videos and some other multimedia content. As we know with the increasing demand for Android smart devices, internet HD videos have become one of the best origins of indoor entertainment.

Here is how this is to be done-

  • 1. On phone, first, download the Vidmate APK file from our website.
  • 2. Then install the application by going to Settings and Checking the option for ‘Allow installation from unknown sources’.
  • 3. Once downloaded, then ready to accept Vidmate files.
  • 4. You can then proceed to install the app after opening the Vidmate app.
  • 5. Once installed, you can download any Bollywood movie or songs through the app as and when you need.

Vidmate for IOS

As is the case with Android, you will not directly find the Vidmate app free download for IOS on the App Store. You have to download an APK file which can then be used to Vidmate App download install free latest version 2019. Here is how you are to do it. Vidmate is an amazing app that allows us to watch favorite videos on our devices at any time for free. This app is easy to install & use. These apps have iOS phones version too. This application is compatible for Android and iOS users. Apple is strict on third-party apps for iPhone and iPads. So, They never give the approval to use the app for free. That's why We need to spend if we want to get in return for an iOS smartphone. But we can download vidmate for free in ios device with use of bluestacks.

  • 1. download the free APK of Vidmate app 2019.
  • 2. go to settings and enable ‘installation from unknown sources.
  • 3. install Vidmate app using the APK.
  • 4. get full access to all content stream or download.
  • 5. Now, You can get all the Bollywood and Hollywood movies and songs on your iOS device. Vidmate is an application for Android device, so we need to download the application by using Bluestacks emulator.

Vidmate for Blackberry

VidMate can be installed in BlackBerry device. If blackberry runs OS 10.2.1 or higher, then you can install any android apps on device. follow below steps get vidmate app on your BlackBerry.

  • 1. Download vidmate apk file from our website.
  • 2. Go to the settings menu in your blackberry device and then allow “Installation from unknown sources”.
  • 3. Now your device is ready to install vidmate apk file. You can tap on the downloaded.
  • 4. It open an installer window. Accept the permission and then click Next.
  • 5. Now vidmate app will be installed. Open it and enjoy.
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Permissions required on your Android device

For working properly, the Vidmate app requires the following permissions on your Android device

  • 1. Record Audio
  • 2. Reading from external storage
  • 3. Open Network sockets
  • 4. Accessing the information about networks
  • 5. Read only access to the phone state
  • 6. Access info about Wi-Fi networks
  • 7. Write to external storage
  • 8. Connect to paired bluetooth devices
  • 9. Discover and Pair Bluetooth devices
  • 10. Prevent the screen from dimming
  • 11. Prevent the processor from sleeping
  • 12. Modify Global audio settings

Vidmate for Windows

With Vidmate you can get all the latest HD movies and videos. Vidmate new version 2019 available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 8 and 10. You can download Vidmate with the help of an Android Emulator, the best of which is Bluestacks. A user without any kind of trouble can download and observe any of videos. Vidmate app offering great video quality to watch video on iOS, Android, Windows devices. Here’s how you can do it-

  • 1. Firstly, you need to download the APK file from the Vidmate website.
  • 1. First and Foremost, you need to download the Android Emulator, in this case, we generally download Bluestacks.
  • 2. You can then proceed to find the Vidmate app by searching for it on Google.
  • 3. Install it.
  • 4. Once done, you can enjoy HD quality movies, videos, and songs.


  • 1. Download the NOX app player.
  • 2. Then download the Vidmate APK file from the internet.
  • 3. After this is done, you can find the ‘Add APK’ file in the right-hand side toolbox of the NOX player.
  • 4. Select ‘don’t show again’ and click on ‘I know’.
  • 5. You can then proceed to choose the downloaded APK file from the downloaded location where you have saved it.
  • 6. The NOX player will automatically install the application. You then need to save it.
  • 7. Once Saved, you can choose from a ‘worldwide’ location to any other location depending on your preference.
  • 8. Now, You can use the Vidmate application to view movies, videos, songs and live TV as per choice.

Vidmate is the perfect app to get max entertainment without any kind of limit.

It has a very large collection of websites and portals related to entertainment stuff.

By installing a Vidmate app for PC, you can enjoy an HD version of movies and videos and. Vidmate app is available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 computer, laptops, desktop devices. The thing is you need to have Vidmate app free download into your device is an emulator. Bluestacks is the best emulator that is suggested.

After Vidmate app download install, streaming and downloading movies is just one step away. The app provides a complete entertainment in all forms, including songs, movies, TV shows and random videos. You can access all these media in high quality. Just download the APK file and install Vidmate app for free. You can browse through tons of options and chose the best one as per your preference. Vidmate app 2019 is straightforward to use and hence, Vidmate install is undoubtedly an excellent pick for all movie fans.

Vidmate free download

For Android:

  • 1. Download the free APK of Vidmate app 2019.
  • 2. Go to settings and enable ‘installation from unknown sources’.
  • 3. Install Vidmate app using the APK.
  • 4. Get full access to all content stream or download.

For Android:

  • 1. Get APK from Vidmate free download.
  • 2. Go to security settings and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • 3. The device is now ready to install Vidmate app.
  • 4. Install application through the APK file.
  • 5. Enjoy all the features of the app. .

For Windows:

  • 1. Download an Android Emulator like Bluestacks, Remix OS, NOX player, etc..
  • 2. Download the Vidmate app APK for free.
  • 3. Install the APK through the emulator.
  • 4. Enjoy HD videos, movies, songs, and much more. .

Make the best out of Vidmate install download

Speed up the downloading:

The Vidmate app 2019 allows you to customize the quality that is being downloaded. Hence, you can quickly make the best use of your internet by increasing your download speed in a single click. Depending on the condition of your internet speed, you can follow the below steps to increase your download and stream speed.

  • 1. Visit the ‘ME’ tab in the Vidmate app.
  • 2. Go to the settings section.
  • 3. Open download settings menu and search for fast download mode.
  • 4. Set the mode to 4 to get a faster downloading speed.

The Vidmate free download is small in size and the app takes less space in your device. T runs smoothly on all platforms and is a recommended app for all the music and movie lovers.

1. Is the app free of cost?

Ans. The Vidmate app 2019 is free to download, install and use for all the users of any platform. There are no hidden or additional payment options. If you find paid versions of Vidmate install, report them to us since it is fake.

2. How to download movies?

Ans. After Vidmate install download, you can directly browse through the many songs and video collection where you can see the download button to save for offline.

3. How to view downloading status?

Ans. The downloading status directly appears in the notification bar. On tapping the notification, you can open the status within the Vidmate app.

4. How to delete downloaded videos?

Ans. If you want to remove any video, you can just select the video using the tick mark and then tap on the delete option.

5. Is it available for iOS?

Ans. One of the best features of the Vidmate new version is that is available across all platforms and you can download from any website.

6. How to download content using URLs?

Ans. Just copy the URL of the video or website and paste it in the search bar of the app. Once you find the right match, you can download like any other video and audio.

Vidmate is the very promising and unique app in current market.

See app screens

Vidmate Download Install

Vidmate App 2019 is a free video downloader which helps you to watch latest Movies and Music for free. In this Guide, we’ll provide you the latest Vidmate APK to download this app on an Android phone.

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Vidmate APK Download

As you might know that using .APK file is the most preferred method to download any app (un-trusted) on Android phones.

Try Vidmate