Vidmate App Download Install Free New Version 2018. Yes, free! Before you had to go through the procedure of downloading torrents and then watching the movies. You can download favorite songs and movies from the different online interfaces like youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vine, Soundcloud, Tumblr and Even Instagram. Now, With Vidmate app version 2018, you can watch live TV, songs and download movies whenever you want by using a good internet connection. So, Get latest updated new version free official Vidmate App for your mobile HD video downloader. Not only you can download videos from this great application you also can download music in desired format and quality from HD to Sd or any other quality which suits device’s storage in fast speed without exhausting your data limits.

Vidmate app 2018 is the best-known one. It is safe to use, very fast and contains so many features. Vidmate downloads our desired videos which fit virtual storage. not only this app downloads media in fast speed but also allows to watch HD movie and Live television with more than 200 channels. vidmate app lets us download videos of 144p resolution and 1080p video resolution as well. There comes a time when we run out of the storage and we have to remove some applications to create space for other applications. However, with vidmate not only the downloaded files and media takes lesser space even vidmate itself is the lightest which does not eat up device’s memory. With Vidmate you can watch live TV, songs and download movies whenever you want, wherever you want only by using a good internet connection.

Vidmate app download installs 2018 because this is also very vital when we want to choose the sizes of the videos which we want. Multiple downloads we can download multiple media simultaneously. Which gives the excess to watch our favorite video later when we are free. Low-resolution videos take less space and the high-resolution videos take more space. With Vidmate app, you will get to download from any video site. It uses technology that helps us to get maximum internet speed capability. If we want to watch movies like ‘Seven Samurai’, we need subtitles. With the Vidmate, the subtitle feature is turn on easily. TV channels load faster so that we can enjoy live TV channels on the slow internet too. The Vidmate application will display a list of subtitles in different languages, choose the language you like the best.

All videos will be saved in the virtual library an by date of download order. Vidmate App is very small in size and takes very less space on the Android device also. Because of its small size, it works great on a low-end android smart device. By default, we have shortcuts to the popular sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc. but we can manually over 20 different sites of our choice, from which we can download videos and songs.

How to download Vidmate app?

  • 1. Download Vidmate file
  • 2. Install vidmate app latest version. Allow installation from trusted unknown sources in device settings.
  • 3. Launch App and search for the video you want to download.
  • 4. Download and enjoy.
  • 5. In the settings tab, we can choose the different sites, when we launch the app.


You can use the Vidmate app download and view Bollywood movies and songs easily. Gone are the days when you needed to browse the internet for the best torrent site Through the Vidmate app, you can

  • 1. Download file sizes of more than 1 GB
  • 2. Download more than 1 file simultaneously
  • 3. No limits on downloads of the video
  • 4. Updated library list of movies and music.
  • 5. Interactive and clean user interface.
  • 6. Categorized movies and videos according to language, albums, genres, and ratings.
  • 7. Content in so many different languages recommendations of videos.
  • 8. Fast video downloading.
  • 9. Downloads from any site in the browser
  • 10. Multiple sizes, speed, and quality of download.
  • 11. Live TV, TV series and TV shows of more than 200 channels.
  • 12. You have endless options with Vidmate to view, listen or download Bollywood movies or songs.

Vidmate for Android

The Vidmate app download install is available for Android devices via APK file new version 2018-2019. The vidmate app helps us to download videos fast and in great Quality. We need to download the APK file first and change settings to confirm that the app is downloaded properly. This app contains the good interface, and best features, its unique and user-friendly interface lets users search and navigate media easily and within no time. We need to make some temporary changes so that we can download the Vidmate application from an unknown source. Download this app and you can download different videos in different formats.

Vidmate app for Android was launched in 2011 and since then over 500+ million users download this app. Vidmate app for Android is a famous app to download latest movies and videos online in India and other counties like Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many more. Vidmate app is millions of people’s choice from which we can download videos and some other multimedia content. As we know with the increasing demand for Android smart devices, internet HD videos have become one of the best origins of indoor entertainment.

Here is how this is to be done-

  • 1. On phone, first, download the Vidmate APK file from our website.
  • 2. Then install the application by going to Settings and Checking the option for ‘Allow installation from unknown sources’.
  • 3. Once downloaded, then ready to accept Vidmate files.
  • 4. You can then proceed to install the app after opening the Vidmate app.
  • 5. Once installed, you can download any Bollywood movie or songs through the app as and when you need.

Vidmate for IOS

As is the case with Android, you will not directly find the Vidmate app free download for IOS on the App Store. You have to download an APK file which can then be used to Vidmate App download install free latest version 2018. Here is how you are to do it. Vidmate is an amazing app that allows us to watch favorite videos on our devices at any time for free. This app is easy to install & use. These apps have iOS phones version too. This application is compatible for Android and iOS users. Apple is strict on third-party apps for iPhone and iPads. So, They never give the approval to use the app for free. That's why We need to spend if we want to get in return for an iOS smartphone. But we can download vidmate for free in ios device with use of bluestacks.

  • 1. Firstly, you need to download the APK file from the Vidmate website.
  • 2. To install the APK file, you need to go to setting Security or settings and check for the download from unknown sources.
  • 3. Now, Your device is ready to accept the Vidmate app APK file.
  • 4. You can install the Vidmate application on your device.
  • 5. Now, You can get all the Bollywood and Hollywood movies and songs on your iOS device. Vidmate is an application for Android device, so we need to download the application by using Bluestacks emulator.
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Permissions required on your Android device

For working properly, the Vidmate app requires the following permissions on your Android device

  • 1. Record Audio
  • 2. Reading from external storage
  • 3. Open Network sockets
  • 4. Accessing the information about networks
  • 5. Read only access to the phone state
  • 6. Access info about Wi-Fi networks
  • 7. Write to external storage
  • 8. Connect to paired bluetooth devices
  • 9. Discover and Pair Bluetooth devices
  • 10. Prevent the screen from dimming
  • 11. Prevent the processor from sleeping
  • 12. Modify Global audio settings

Vidmate for Windows

With Vidmate you can get all the latest HD movies and videos. Vidmate new version 2018 available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 8 and 10. You can download Vidmate with the help of an Android Emulator, the best of which is Bluestacks. A user without any kind of trouble can download and observe any of videos. Vidmate app offering great video quality to watch video on iOS, Android, Windows devices. Here’s how you can do it-

  • 1. Firstly, you need to download the APK file from the Vidmate website.
  • 1. First and Foremost, you need to download the Android Emulator, in this case, we generally download Bluestacks.
  • 2. You can then proceed to find the Vidmate app by searching for it on Google.
  • 3. Install it.
  • 4. Once done, you can enjoy HD quality movies, videos, and songs.


  • 1. Download the NOX app player.
  • 2. Then download the Vidmate APK file from the internet.
  • 3. After this is done, you can find the ‘Add APK’ file in the right-hand side toolbox of the NOX player.
  • 4. Select ‘don’t show again’ and click on ‘I know’.
  • 5. You can then proceed to choose the downloaded APK file from the downloaded location where you have saved it.
  • 6. The NOX player will automatically install the application. You then need to save it.
  • 7. Once Saved, you can choose from a ‘worldwide’ location to any other location depending on your preference.
  • 8. Now, You can use the Vidmate application to view movies, videos, songs and live TV as per choice.

Vidmate is the perfect app to get max entertainment without any kind of limit.

It has a very large collection of websites and portals related to entertainment stuff.

By installing a Vidmate app for PC, you can enjoy an HD version of movies and videos and. Vidmate app is available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 computer, laptops, desktop devices. The thing is you need to have Vidmate app free download into your device is an emulator. Bluestacks is the best emulator that is suggested.

Vidmate Movie Downloader

watching movie of our choice is now a click away with the Vidmate app for movie downloader. All you need is a Android emulator like Bluestacks to ensure that you can download the Vidmate app latest version 2018 on your Windows PC. This app is a complete entertainment package- you can download your favourite movies, songs and videos and you can also view live TV channels.

The Vidmate app is not directly found on the Google PlayStore, you need to vidmate app download install an APK file to access the app.

Like, we want to see Bollywood movie, and not sure about which movie to watch. For this, we go to the search bar of the vidmate App and type ‘Bollywood Movie’. Then, we will get list of movies suggestions and downloadable links for the Bollywood movies on the screen that appear.

Vidmate is the very promising and unique app in current market.

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Download Vidmate

Vidmate App is a free video downloader which helps you to watch latest Movies and Music for free. In this Guide, we’ll provide you the latest Vidmate APK to download this app on an Android phone.

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Vidmate APK Download

As you might know that using .APK file is the most preferred method to download any app (un-trusted) on Android phones.

Try Vidmate