Vidmate for Android

The Vidmate app is available for Android devices through an APK file. You need to download the APK file and change a few settings to make sure that the app is downloaded. You need to make temporary changes so that you can download the Vidmate app from an unknown source. Here is how this is to be done-

  • 1. On your smartphone, download the Vidmate APK file from the official website.
  • 2. You can then proceed to install the app by going to Settings and Checking the option for ‘Allow installation from unknown sources’.
  • 3. Once downloaded your mobile is then ready to accept Vidmate files.
  • 4. You can then proceed to install the app after opening the Vidmate app.
  • 5. Once installed, you can download any Bollywood movie or songs through the app as and when you need.
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Available Versions of Vidmate

Vidmate APK Download

As you might know that using .APK file is the most preferred method to download any app (un-trusted) on Android phones.

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